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Identical contact names, same phone numbers, alike emails — all these are cases for duplicate records. Duplicates have a very negative impact on businesses’ data quality and operational success. They arise from a variety of sources including human error, legacy data, mass imports, tech stack integrations, and lead capturing CTAs.

Your data doubles in Salesforce roughly every 12–18 months on average, and duplicate records can account for 10–30% of it. Throw in another reality that data decays up to 30% annually and here we can see that the challenge of maintaining accurate data needs to involve real-time and continuous attention.

You have probably seen many articles a couple of years back stating that data-driven marketing was the trend for new growth and greater profitability. This approach helps find the right target, whether online or in-person, to drive more sales, extend CLV, and improve marketing operations’ ROI.

However, the market has matured enough that it’s not sufficient to be data-driven; today’s need is to be good data-driven. I will share some insights on the post-covid challenge affecting many data-driven strategies today and how AI can assist in overcoming it.

Before we dive into the problems, just a quick overview of the…

Identical windows
Identical windows

A look at current strategies & tools to dedupe in Salesforce today, but also an overview of the limitations and why AI resolves these problems.

Interview with Denis Floréan from IBM

Look at your phone or laptop. You will probably see at least one notification or a reminder on it. Alerts have indeed helped applications target the right people, notify and lead them to the right actions to improve user engagement on a new level.

When mobile users worldwide today already reach 7 billion people with about half of them using smartphones, it makes perfect sense why businesses would want to focus on using push notifications to get customers to use an app and to change their habits.

But what happens when users become numb to what seems an endless amount…

Machine Learning techniques to the rescue

10–30% of data in databases are duplicates [1].

Bad data is costing each business $15 million on average every year [2].

But duplicate data is inevitable and current market solutions are too expensive to implement right?

We disagree. This article explains how and why part of our data quality solution focuses on duplicate data.

What is a Duplicate?

In most cases, duplication arises when two or more database records represent the same entities, a problem present for over 20 years. …

What do we have to deal with when implementing a CRM?

To be at the top of your business’ customer relationships management, you are required to have the appropriate strategy and technology in place. SalesForce offers one of the most user-friendly CRM systems. Over 150,000 companies from different sectors use Salesforce in their business operations.

To successfully use any CRM, you will need to overcome the main challenges connected to the system’s implementation. This article will posit how an integration of the AI chatbot can improve the data experience within Salesforce.

According to Chris Hyde, the three main aspects to acknowledge when executing Salesforce are adoption, productivity, and data quality.


It’s pretty amazing stuff. And let’s face it, we are completely addicted to it in the office. Market share growth, revenue growth, sales growth…I can almost hear Oprah saying “you want growth, you want growth, you all want growth!”

But growing a business is a challenging task even in normal times when we aren’t shrouded in a global pandemic. Regardless of the metric or strategy, it still all boils down to sales. . …

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